Friday, December 30, 2011

Goa Fun!

Day 6 (2nd October 2011) Sunday
Early morning train to goa from Mumbai CST
Early Morning Train to Goa
We had great days in Mumbai. It was a lifetime experience for me. And the next chapter was about to begin, Goa. Had heard a lot but never had chance to visit Goa earlier. I was excited a lot. We took early morning train to Goa from CST, Mumbai.  I had thought that we would be able to see the sea all day long to Goa because as per the map Goa is just at another end of Arabian Sea from Mumbai. Contrary to this we happened to see the mountains and our train passed through numerous tunnels until we reached Goa. Truly saying my excitement was slowly going down as the train was passing through those dark, dusty tunnels. I was
Colva Beach, most clean and less crowded beach
Colva Beach
not liking the tunnel experience, dark, dusty and smelly tunnels. I must have felt such because we were travelling in Sleeper Class this time. Windows remained open all the time. Here I would like to request one thing to all passengers who travel by Train, not to throw waste and rubbish from the window. All of them were throwing the wastage, plastics, and leftovers from the windows. I think only two of us were putting everything in a plastic bag so that we could bin it afterwards. The railway tracks looked so polluted due to all those plastic bags, wrappers and styrofoam plates.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Useful household cleaning tips

To Remove:
Red wine stains from cloth
  • Gently squeeze it in good club soda water 
  • Wash as normal with soap and water 
Candle wax from carpet or tablecloth
  • Scrape as much wax off as possible 
  • Place the blotting paper on top of the hardened wax 
  • Place the hot iron on top of it 
  • Move the blotting paper around to absorb the melting wax 
  • Carry on until it all has been removed, but be careful not to burn the fabric underneath 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Birthday

Birthday celebration, Chocolate cake
Birthday Cake

It is my birthday today. 26th November, 2011 counted on my fingers how old is I now? And observed myself on the mirror if I looked old. No! not even a trace of oldage. I felt happy. Last night my husband did not let me sleep, he wanted me to wake up till 12 AM so that he becomes the first one to wish me on my birthday. I was on half sleep when he woke me up and wished ‘happy birthday’. He had brought Cadbury Gift Packet and a beautiful swal for me. A surprise gift, Wow!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mumbai Diary

Day 1 (27-9-2011), Tuesday

It was 4:30 PM; hurriedly I left office and headed towards home with my husband, where we had our back pack ready by last night. Me and my husband ate something took our back pack and  left for Bhairahawa, from where we were supposed to take rikshaw upto Sunaulai then 3 hours car ride and finally to Gorakhpur Station. Though it was a hectic schedule, I was excited about the train journey which I was about to experience the following day for the first time in my life. We boarded the bus from Gongabu bus station at about 8:30PM; it took about 12 hours to reach Bhairahawa bus station. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Made for Each Other

umang & kamal
As our second marriage anniversary is approaching, I am thinking if my life has been changed after marriage.  Not much I must say. I used to be independent, care free, spontaneous girl and I feel same after two years of marriage.  I married the same guy whom I loved so much. We got married after three years of our love affair. It was adventurous and most beautiful part of my life.
Though we were classmates, I never happened to care about him when we were in school. I hardly noticed him or care for him in class. He was like other 70 students for me in my class. But he always tells me that he was in love with me since school days, though he never tried to reveal it then. We appeared SLC, school life ended. We moved ahead in life. I joined +2 in Hetauda, made new friends.  Never cared where is he, what college and faculty he joined? I did my +2 and Bachelors from same college. I heard from some of my school friends that he was then a Journalist and worked for Communication Corner and he read news every morning and evening. Since he was my classmate, I had some kind of hidden desire to listen to him reading news. After several days I happened to listen to him. I found his voice so matured, so clear and perfect for a news reader. I must say I loved his voice.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Friendship Day

 August 7, first Sunday of August, Friendship Day. As I am aware that UN has declared July 30 as an International Freindship Day, but also there is strong attachment with August as a Friendship Month, 1st week as Friendship Week and First Sunday as Friendship Day.  I do not want to replace this day with any other date.
Today I am being little bit nostalgic. I am getting flashback of my school and college days frequently.  I had many friends then, it’s not that they are all gone but also we hardly happened to see each other. And top of it I find it rather awkward to share everything with them as I used to do back in college days. May be it’s because I have found a bestest among the best friend in my husband itself.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

How well do you know animals?

1. Which is the only animal born with horns?
a. Cow
b. Rhino
c. Giraffe

2. Which is the only bird that can also fly backwards?
a. Kingfisher
b. Sparrow
c. Hummingbird

3. Which is the only mammal with hair on the soles of its feet?
a. Ape
b. Gorilla
c. Polar bear

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Food Quiz

Eating is perhaps the most popular pastime in the world among all races of the world. Yet, there are some things about food that many might not be aware of. This quiz could surprise you besides of course, giving you new enlightenment.

1. Which is the most popular spice in the world?
a. Black pepper
b. Cumin powder
c. Coriander powder

2. Which is the hottest chilly among these three?
a. Bhut Jolokia
b. Infinity chilly
c. Mexican Naga

3. Which fruit is not good for pregnant women?
a. Papaya
b. Guava
c. Pineapple

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Comforting The Elderly

If they do not have any source of income (like pension, old age allowances) give them some money on a regular basis, so that they can spend for their day-to-day small needs. Even if the allowance is small, it doesn’t matter because it will mean a lot to them and make them feel more independent.

Last month I went to Briddhashram at Pasupatinath and talked with some octogenarians abandoned by their family. A significant number of elderly people told me that their sons and daughter-in-laws showed them the way to the elderly home just because they had been ‘uncomfortable’ to their children. At the most care and love demanding age, those old folks are spending very lonely, boring and nostalgic days in an old age home. All the beautiful moments shared with their loved ones have been lost.

Friday, June 17, 2011

life keeps on moving

Hi! Friends, I was lost somewhere in some other world for so many months and finally here I m today at 11:26 Pm (17 june 2011) willing to post something in my blog. Hope you have not forgotten me. I really hope so. So many things happened in between, I got married, I changed my job, I joined new faculty etc. etc. In all this I happened to meet many new people and lost some dear ones. Some I cannot get back if also I want to, my grandmother and grandfather (miss you and love you always) and some may be does not like to come back to me :( sad is not it? Anyways this is called life. I think I have learned some very useful lessons of life in this part of my life. I feel like I have become mature than before and I can tackle situations as per their demands.
I believe you guys also went through many changes in between. Many good and bad might have happened, but life doesn’t wait or rest for anything. It keeps on moving.
Good night
God bless.