Friday, December 30, 2011

Goa Fun!

Day 6 (2nd October 2011) Sunday
Early morning train to goa from Mumbai CST
Early Morning Train to Goa
We had great days in Mumbai. It was a lifetime experience for me. And the next chapter was about to begin, Goa. Had heard a lot but never had chance to visit Goa earlier. I was excited a lot. We took early morning train to Goa from CST, Mumbai.  I had thought that we would be able to see the sea all day long to Goa because as per the map Goa is just at another end of Arabian Sea from Mumbai. Contrary to this we happened to see the mountains and our train passed through numerous tunnels until we reached Goa. Truly saying my excitement was slowly going down as the train was passing through those dark, dusty tunnels. I was
Colva Beach, most clean and less crowded beach
Colva Beach
not liking the tunnel experience, dark, dusty and smelly tunnels. I must have felt such because we were travelling in Sleeper Class this time. Windows remained open all the time. Here I would like to request one thing to all passengers who travel by Train, not to throw waste and rubbish from the window. All of them were throwing the wastage, plastics, and leftovers from the windows. I think only two of us were putting everything in a plastic bag so that we could bin it afterwards. The railway tracks looked so polluted due to all those plastic bags, wrappers and styrofoam plates.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Useful household cleaning tips

To Remove:
Red wine stains from cloth
  • Gently squeeze it in good club soda water 
  • Wash as normal with soap and water 
Candle wax from carpet or tablecloth
  • Scrape as much wax off as possible 
  • Place the blotting paper on top of the hardened wax 
  • Place the hot iron on top of it 
  • Move the blotting paper around to absorb the melting wax 
  • Carry on until it all has been removed, but be careful not to burn the fabric underneath