Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Made for Each Other

umang & kamal
As our second marriage anniversary is approaching, I am thinking if my life has been changed after marriage.  Not much I must say. I used to be independent, care free, spontaneous girl and I feel same after two years of marriage.  I married the same guy whom I loved so much. We got married after three years of our love affair. It was adventurous and most beautiful part of my life.
Though we were classmates, I never happened to care about him when we were in school. I hardly noticed him or care for him in class. He was like other 70 students for me in my class. But he always tells me that he was in love with me since school days, though he never tried to reveal it then. We appeared SLC, school life ended. We moved ahead in life. I joined +2 in Hetauda, made new friends.  Never cared where is he, what college and faculty he joined? I did my +2 and Bachelors from same college. I heard from some of my school friends that he was then a Journalist and worked for Communication Corner and he read news every morning and evening. Since he was my classmate, I had some kind of hidden desire to listen to him reading news. After several days I happened to listen to him. I found his voice so matured, so clear and perfect for a news reader. I must say I loved his voice.
I came to Kathmandu for my further studies. I joined college. Many good and bad things happened to me in between, but the best ever thing happened to me was our meeting. We met after six years in New Year’s EVE, 2006. He was a changed man then what he used to be in school days. And I think so was I. We started meeting quite often. I just loved to be with him and listen to him. I do not know who proposed first but we were in love already. God made us for each other. Otherwise I would not have met him after six years suddenly in a new year’s eve.
It was difficult but we convinced our parents and got married after three years of affair. And see now it is already two years and we are so happy together. I do not know how but my love for him increases day by day. I feel he is the one who is there for me to inspire me, to protect me, to support me, my hero and my macho man. I feel so secured and so protected. And sometimes he is like my baby, who makes me laugh with funny things and childish behaviour. I am experiencing a life of two people at the same time: wife and mother.

Thank you god for blessing me with such a beautiful life.


  1. Thank you so much darling. ::-) what a surprise.

  2. Loved reading... I hope to read something like this from KK too.. hehe.. And wish you a very happy life ahead together.


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