Friday, June 17, 2011

life keeps on moving

Hi! Friends, I was lost somewhere in some other world for so many months and finally here I m today at 11:26 Pm (17 june 2011) willing to post something in my blog. Hope you have not forgotten me. I really hope so. So many things happened in between, I got married, I changed my job, I joined new faculty etc. etc. In all this I happened to meet many new people and lost some dear ones. Some I cannot get back if also I want to, my grandmother and grandfather (miss you and love you always) and some may be does not like to come back to me :( sad is not it? Anyways this is called life. I think I have learned some very useful lessons of life in this part of my life. I feel like I have become mature than before and I can tackle situations as per their demands.
I believe you guys also went through many changes in between. Many good and bad might have happened, but life doesn’t wait or rest for anything. It keeps on moving.
Good night
God bless.