Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Friendship Day

 August 7, first Sunday of August, Friendship Day. As I am aware that UN has declared July 30 as an International Freindship Day, but also there is strong attachment with August as a Friendship Month, 1st week as Friendship Week and First Sunday as Friendship Day.  I do not want to replace this day with any other date.
Today I am being little bit nostalgic. I am getting flashback of my school and college days frequently.  I had many friends then, it’s not that they are all gone but also we hardly happened to see each other. And top of it I find it rather awkward to share everything with them as I used to do back in college days. May be it’s because I have found a bestest among the best friend in my husband itself.

Today I posted a status in my FB addressing all my friends, the post was- Some friends are very far away, some are still in touch.  Some pretends that they do not care for me anymore and some always make sure that I am being informed that how much they love me. Today is the day I must let my friends know that I love you all as usual; I care for you and it hurts when you try to ignore me. Happy Friendship day to all my friends. Surprisingly I got many ‘likes’ and some comments. And also a long mail from one of my very close friend. I am feeling good and also felt like to browse through all those old mails in my inbox. I did check some, started from the oldest one.  As I was going through the texts I recalled all those moments which I lived through. I smiled somewhere and I was sad somewhere. It is a very good experience. I would suggest you to try it once. You will feel awesome.
Stay happy…………. Keep smiling……………
God Bless

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