Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Birthday

Birthday celebration, Chocolate cake
Birthday Cake

It is my birthday today. 26th November, 2011 counted on my fingers how old is I now? And observed myself on the mirror if I looked old. No! not even a trace of oldage. I felt happy. Last night my husband did not let me sleep, he wanted me to wake up till 12 AM so that he becomes the first one to wish me on my birthday. I was on half sleep when he woke me up and wished ‘happy birthday’. He had brought Cadbury Gift Packet and a beautiful swal for me. A surprise gift, Wow!
I wake up early morning and sign into my FB, my friends had already started posting om my timeline. This makes me very happy to receive birthday wishes from all my friends and dear ones. I went to Pashupati Nath Temple with my husband to thank him for his grace towards me and my family. Whenever I go to temple I always thank God for his blessings, grace and kindness, he has given happiness in my life without asking, strength whenever needed and wisdom to tackle difficult situations.
Some people were donating blood under a shade outside temple. I thought of donating too, but my husband told me that they does not seemed that organized and did not allow me to. But he promised me that he will let me some other time.
Many old women were sitting outside on the sun; they all were from pashupati Biddharshram. I thought to distribute sweets among them. I bought Jerry from nearby shop and distributed among them. They were so happy to get it that each of them blessed me. May be that was what I looking for. I felt so satisfied and happy to talk to them and receive their blessings.
Then we went to Sankata Temple. I lit butter lamp there and went Putalisadak to meet some of my dear ones. After an hour we were back to our home. My husband made rice pudding for dinner.
Here I would like to thank all my family and friends for their wishes for me. Each word is precious for me. Thank you for your love and care towards me. Love you all.
It was a perfect birthday celebration for me.
God Bless!

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