Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Birthday

Birthday celebration, Chocolate cake
Birthday Cake

It is my birthday today. 26th November, 2011 counted on my fingers how old is I now? And observed myself on the mirror if I looked old. No! not even a trace of oldage. I felt happy. Last night my husband did not let me sleep, he wanted me to wake up till 12 AM so that he becomes the first one to wish me on my birthday. I was on half sleep when he woke me up and wished ‘happy birthday’. He had brought Cadbury Gift Packet and a beautiful swal for me. A surprise gift, Wow!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mumbai Diary

Day 1 (27-9-2011), Tuesday

It was 4:30 PM; hurriedly I left office and headed towards home with my husband, where we had our back pack ready by last night. Me and my husband ate something took our back pack and  left for Bhairahawa, from where we were supposed to take rikshaw upto Sunaulai then 3 hours car ride and finally to Gorakhpur Station. Though it was a hectic schedule, I was excited about the train journey which I was about to experience the following day for the first time in my life. We boarded the bus from Gongabu bus station at about 8:30PM; it took about 12 hours to reach Bhairahawa bus station.