Friday, February 24, 2012


A friend, a sister, a teacher, a student always loving and rarely irritating is LUCKS. Her name is not LUCKS actually; it is given name to her by me. Today is her birthday and I thought of wishing her in a different way. Here comes a big warm hug and a very special birthday wish for my special Lucks. Happy Birthday darling. You were always so close to heart and will remain so. The only difference is that I am not able to spend as much time as before with you. I had great time being with you for more than two years. You were always there for me in my ups and downs. You always had been my strength. We shared secrets and had same opinion about life, love, family and friends. It amuses me even today that how my sayings, feeling and opinions inspired you always. I must agree that you were a good student and at the same time you were my teacher. I learnt many lessons about life from you. Lucks I am getting too emotional now, do not know what to write more about you. Even now, while I am typing this I am smiling, thinking about you.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Gardening in Winter

In the hustle and bustle of urban life, your garden is the place where you have contact with nature and enjoy some quiet and peaceful time. Therefore, it deserves special attention in terms of dedication and constant maintenance, to make it a welcoming sanctuary in every season including winter. 
Keeping the freshness and greenness of one’s garden in foggy, frosty, cold winter is a big challenge for anybody. Plants are also living things: they suffer the winter like any of us do. In the absence of proper care and nourishment, the gardens would be lifeless in winter. Many people ignore their garden in the winter. The feeling is that, once the flowers fade and the leaves die, there is nothing of interest in the garden. Nothing could be further from the truth. With all the work you do to keep your garden beautiful and attractive from spring to autumn, why let your garden die down in winter? Against the harsh backdrop of dew, fog and earth, you can plant a variety of plants that will add dimension to your garden. By selecting proper winter