Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lost & Found

Bhim Shumsher JBR (center) and other Ranas

I found this photo on my way to office, lying on the road and was full of dust. As my eyes fell upon it, I picked it up hurriedly and wiped the dust with my hand as I was curious to see the people on the photo. I hardly could make a guess that the photo must have been of Nepali soldiers. I was so happy as if I found valuable thing and showed it to my colleagues, contrary they took it lightly. In the evening when I reached home after office, I showed it to Kamal, he was as much excited as I was. We both tried to figure out who might they could be, and when that photo might have been taken? Some days passed by in our curiosity. Suddenly one day we thought to forward the photo to Vintage Nepal to post in their FB page. As they had been posting such photos in their timeline. Kamal sent scanned copy to them. They were able to find out the people on the photo and the year photo was taken.  It was taken in 1930 AD. And people in the photo were- Then Prime Minister Bhim Shumsher JBR (center) and other Ranas, including Padma Shumsher JBR and Juddha Shumsher JBR. And hence our curiosity came to an end. I thought it's worth sharing with you guys. 
Below is the link where you can see the photo in Vintage Nepal’s FB page.

Thank you.
God Bless :)

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