Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear Girl,

I know you very well and, you know me since long. We were not friends but we were attached to each other in that way. We had shared many beautiful moments in group. Again we were not friends though. I have my closest friend since childhood, who likes you now. I am not sure if he loves you cause he has never pronounced that word for you infront of me. I guess he loves you. But I am not sure whether he has expressed this feeling for you infront of you. Because I know him since my childhood he cannot express feelings and emotions like me. Unlike him I have learnt in my recent years to jot down the feelings as it arises. And let people know what I feel for them.

So I thought this is the way I can let you know that how much he thinks of you, dreams for you and may be loves you and wants you to enter in his life with loads of love and happiness. I hope I am able to portray his feelings for you, though he has not requested it to me.
I am not sure if you will read this post ever in your life, cause I am not going to inform you neither address you or him or anyone else about it. But by chance if you happen to read this post, believe me that this is meant just for you.
With all the love.
God Bless


  1. Complicated!!!!!!!!Dear Girl please read this somehow!!!

  2. :) yeah very complicated.... hope Dear Girl will read this ...


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