Thursday, January 19, 2012

A letter to Black Rose

A year come and goes by. We make friends, we apart from them with passage of time, with changes in preferences. And I believe every friend who comes to be part in our life, builds a special compartment for them in our heart that nor it is collapsible neither replaceable. They stay there forever in the form of sweet memories and remembrances. Sometimes they might be overshadowed but not detached. Today I would like to confess that you were always in my heart also in all those days when I was not with you, when you were not there with me, when I was happy and sad. I am trying to resume our custom of ‘expression through letter’ your 16th birthday onwards. :) Wish you wonderful days ahead and all the success and achievements you deserve. Happy Birthday darling.
As you know how poor I am in case of expressing my emotions and feelings, I lack words as I have to say my feelings to people. Same thing is happening to me right now. I do not know how to say you that you have always brought so much fun, life and laughter in my life. You were my secret diary in my college days, a single person to whom I used to pour all my sorrow, curiosity, laughter, life and happiness. You were the single person who used to make me laugh every day. You are the one who knew my first crush. Your stupidity and your intelligence both used to amused me. I still remember a day when you tore your newly stitched Salwar Suit slipping on the road in the main market, I was worried thinking you might have got injured and was willing to laugh seeing the big hole in your cloth. Hehehe…………! I simply loved those days. We had such a beautiful days together. They always brings smile on my face. Thanks you for everything.  Love you my dear. Take care.
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear ……..
Happy birthday to you………….

God Bless
With Love :)

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